Pressurization & Purge Unit Accessories Technical Bulletins

NFPA 496 Type Y & Z Purging & Pressurization Unit Accessories

Purging & Pressurization
Unit Accessories

Technical Bulletins

These two page full color technical bulletins provides all essential information to make an informed purchasing decision.

Beginning with product descriptions, operation, and device specifications, the bulletins also include complete technical details, including component dimensions, weights and electrical specifications and ratings as applicable. They conclude with a model number segment designation guide that permits rapid selection of an accessory for purchase.

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America's Best NFPA 496 Type Y & Z Enclosure Pressurization Unit Accessories

Purging & Pressurization Unit Accessory Technical Bulletins

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Model BCK

Bulkhead Connection

Fitting Kits

Model PV

Spark Arresting

Purge Vents

Model RR



Model RAD

Remote Beacon & Horn

Alarm Devices

Model EPSK

Enclosure Pressure

Loss Alarm Switch Kits

Model EWN

Enclosure Pressure &

Temperature Warning Labels

Model PMGK

Universal Unit

Panel Mount Gasket Kit