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From Large Refinery Control Panels and Special Analyzers to Label Printers and Portable Laboratory Equipment, we’ve helped customers safely protect electrical equipment and instrumentation in thousands of unique hazardous classified area and highly corrosive location applications! Browse our site, give us a call or click our chat button to learn more now!

We offer significant benefits that set us apart!

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Lowest Price!

We know price matters, so we’ll beat any other comparable unit price, while providing better equipped and more versatile units!

Just give us a call or click our chat button. We’ll gladly ensure you to get the best products at the best price!

Best 2 Year Warranty!

We know quality matters to you, so we offer America’s most comprehensive two year parts and labor warranty! If there’s any issue, we’ll make it right, right away!

Just give us a call or click our chat button. We’ll resolve any issues very swiftly, to minimize downtime and keep your equipment and instrumentation fully protected!

Free Exchanges & Returns!

Unlike other online sites that won’t accept any returns for any reason, if you buy something from us that’s not quite right, we’ll take it back or exchange it free of charge!

– At most, all you cover is the cost of shipping!

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to explain more about this unique benefit that’s designed to keep you happy and coming back to us for your purging and pressurization solutions.

A Complete Range of Products!

When it comes to Type Y and Z purging, we make it easy. Our full range of Units are designed to mount easily, perform flawlessly and satisfy any application!

We also offer all critical accessories, including purgeable instrument access doors. Our one-stop shop saves you time and money while ensuring you have everything needed to complete your installation!

Complementary Technical Assistance!

We’re committed to keeping you and your colleagues safe. Please call us or click our chat box for expert advice anytime, regardless of whether you need our products.

We’ve provided solutions for thousands of unique applications! Let us help you achieve a safe and effective installation, with minimal expense and effort.

Convenient Selection & Comparison Tools!

We provide intuitive Type Y & Z Unit Selection & Comparison Tools to enhance your purchasing experience!

Selection Tool

Select the quantity of enclosures to protect, enter their dimensions and then answer a few simple questions to define your needs and application. 
We then recommend the best product!

Comparison Tool

Select a brand, use our tool to derive their model number, and we then recommend the best product!

Our Selection Tool calculates enclosure volume based on dimensions. It then recommends Units and essential accessories most suitable for your application, based on key parameters!

Our Comparison Tool recommends a Best Purging Systems Unit most compatible to many other models sold over the past 35 years.

We Wrote America’s Foremost Guide on Purging!

Our CEO formed the first company that manufactured stand-alone purging systems in America in 1985. He was also a voting member of an NFPA 496 Subcommittee for 15 years, and contributed significant content to improve that Standard.

He also wrote America’s most definitive guide for purging technology, and carefully trained our team to understand and share his knowledge.

The guide explained all purging concepts and requirements in layman terms, and featured many insightful illustrations.

That guide was so highly revered, its images and text are still widely copied and used to this day to best explain the safe application of purging!

So how does that benefit you? The answer is simple. Who’s best equipped to help you understand NFPA 496 code requirements and the principals behind them?

Without doubt, it’s the people who helped to write them! Get the best advice and guidance from the original founders of this technology now, by giving us a call or clicking our chat button.


Call us any time, 24 hours a day, and you’ll receive the immediate attention you require!

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