Management Associates

At Best Purging Systems Corporation, our Management Associates, along with our Manufacturing Associates behind the scene form a proactive and interactive team that strives to provide the highest quality products and best customer service available.

We welcome you to get to know our team, and a brief bio for each front-line employee is presented so you can get to know us better…

Executive Team

Mike Baucom
Chief Executive Officer

Serving as CEO since our inception in 2013, Mike addresses all corporate business and legal matters.  Mike provides a participative environment for his management staff, while guiding our associates in all facets of operations, including production, product research and development, website development, inventory control, sales and marketing

Beth Moody
Chief Financial Officer

Beth has been with our staff since inception, and her grace, outstanding abilities and previous management experience give her a distinct advantage as Chief Financial Officer. In her extensive capacity,  Beth manages A/P and A/R activities, and interacts with our CEO and Director to sustain our corporate files, financial records and insurance policies.

Dudley Sheffield
Technical Director

Dudley’s role as our Technical Director is validated by over 20 years of experience in the enclosure purging and pressurization products industry. His exceptional knowledge of NFPA 496 code requirements and advanced technical skills allow him to offer expert advice to our many clients, influence product development, and managing all aspects of our third party certifications.

Sales Team

Richard Hughes
Sr. Vice President of Sales

Richard acts as our Senior Vice President of Sales, and brings many years of talent and sales experience to our organization.  He has traveled globally, is highly motivated and focused on establishing new opportunities.  Richard represents Bebco in Texas and globally, utilizing his vast network of connections, to rapidly expand our sales network!

Stacy Powell
Executive Sales Director

Stacy serves as our Executive Sales Director, and has over 25 years of experience ranging from regional to executive sales management.  Her concise execution of goals and customer-centric focus are the ideal qualities needed for this critical role in our company.  She drives all inquiries to estimating, and also coordinates all follow-up activities and term negotiations!

Normand Miller
Vice President of Sales

Normand is our Vice President of Sales and represents us primarily in Louisiana.  He was engaged with us as a demanding but fair-minded client for many years, while he acted in a leadership capacity at Halliburton’s New Iberia facilities.  We’re extremely honored and privileged that he’s now contributing his vast experience to our Sales Team in the Pelican State!

Jacie Wallace
Inside Sales Associate

Jacie supports Stacy Powell’s activities as an Inside Sales Associate.  She devotes much of her time to following up on our quotations, to ensure pricing and information satisfy our client’s expectations.  She also expands our Linked In network, and works enthusiastically to keep our loyal clients advised of product developments!

Allie Contreras
South Texas Regional Sales Manager

Allie brings a level of extremely high enthusiasm and positive energy to our company.  Her primary objective is to strengthen relations with existing clients and creates new opportunities in the Greater Houston Metroplex and Galveston County. We’re very proud to have her onboard, as she begins her journey with us!

Stacy Sam
Estimating Associate

As one of our newest associates, Stacy brings years of past experience and knowledge to our team.  As her knowledge regarding our products grows, she assists Michelle to ensure our estimates are accurate, fully detailed, competitive and timely.   As she moves forward with our company, her duties will expand to serve our growing number of active clients!

Jimmy Moody
Business Development Manager

Jimmy has years of pro-active customer service experience and manages our Business Development Team.  He exercises exemplary follow-through skills to ensure potential clients are professionally engaged, provided with helpful information and introduced to our full range of products and services we offer.   When your ready to learn more about us, contact Jimmy!

Michelle Curry
Estimating Manager

Michelle serves as our Estimating Manager and also answers our sales phones, and responds to our website On-Line Chat requests.  She’s extremely capable and advances her knowledge on a daily basis, as she caters to our growing customer bases with amazing diligence.  Chances are if you call us here at Best Purging, Michelle will be the person who answers your call!

Support Team

Rian Broussard
Follow-Up Services Manager

Rian came on-board shortly after we formed, and applies her growing product knowledge daily as a key member of our team.  She effectively carries the important and quick-paced responsibilities of managing our Follow-Up services, coordinating all shipments, and acting as one of our helpful sales associates on our exclusive On-Line Chat service!

Charlie Dostal
Customer Service Manager

Charlie is a key member of our Design Team, but also serves as our Customer Service Manager.  His unique position influences our designs, especially in regard to any trending service issue.  Charlie also develops bills of material for all standard products, and routinely contributes to our research and development efforts!

Michael Baucom II
Project Director

Michael manages his role as our Project Director along with our ever-expanding efforts of product research and development.   He brings unique and adamant determination to his work, ensuring our products provide a superior advantage, and collaborates with our engineering team, product team and others to ensure continuing improvement!

Dwight Taylor
Procurement Manager

Dwight acquired inventory control skills prior to joining our Production Team’s Electrical Crew, and was transferred to lead Inventory Control, as yet another example of our internal promotion policies.   He now takes great pride in carefully maintaining an extensive inventory of nearly 5,000 unique items, with the assistance of production staff members as needed.

Ryan Jones
Product Production Manager

Ryan has experience with our team ranging back to our inception in 2013.  He has worked his way up in our ranks over the years, and while he stepped away for a year to pursue personal growth, he’s back with a renewed sense of purpose.  He now proudly brings a high degree of professionalism and dedication to his demanding role to ensure your satisfaction!

Mark Capehart
Senior Production Team Leader

Mark began as a member of our Fabrication Team in 2016,
and quickly advanced to become our Senior Team Leader.
He collaborates closely with Ryan Jones, manages our
Fabrication and Make-Ready Teams, and also interfaces
with our Follow-Up Services & Shipping Teams to
ensure you product arrives on-time in perfect condition!