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SUBMITTED 04/082021
“Our company has been a customer for decades for rated purging systems. Equipment always has worked well, friendly staff, no problems. For a recent order, there was a delay due to one of their vendors having continued difficulties obtaining material. We urgently needed our order for a major project completion with a very anxious customer. It was important enough that I thought I would call right into Mike Baucom the CEO, whom I had never before spoken with. Mike picked up the phone, listened to my story and jumped into action immediately in a way I have seldom encountered in my career. This involved multiple path solutions; both ordering from another supplier and local sourcing, people working extra time with Mike keeping me updated – over a weekend(!), finally, picking up shipping and dropping expediting charges. It was clear that the whole company shared the same sort of super, enthusiastic customer service ethic as the man at the top. Great and inspirational experience!”

Dean Segal, VP Sales & Engineering
Pope Scientific, Incorporated
Charitable Donation made on behalf of Pope Scientific to Doctors Without Boarders

SUBMITTED 01/09/2021
“I have used BEST Purging System products for over 15 years, since they were first sold under the Bebco and D&M Banners. To this date, I’ve never had any issues with late deliveries or bad equipment – the customer service and engineering assistance are tops – they named the new company appropriately, BEST.”

Sam George, Manufacturing/Test Manager
Optical Scientific, Incorporated
Charitable Donation made on behalf of Optical Scientific to the Make a Wish Foundation