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Best Purging Systems Corporation is honored and proud offer two extremely valuable complementary services in addition to our many fine products.

Reaching out directly to your needs in the field, we provide expert on-site evaluation to ensure the safety of your facilities, regardless of whether we provide any form of services, products or equipment!

Best Purging Systems Corporation will also collaborate with you in the process of developing technical specifications. Through this effort, we can help you to ensure absolute compliance with the regulations and codes we all rely upon to maintain a safe working environment for you and your team.

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On-Site Code Compliance Assessment

On-Site Code Compliance Assessment

Offered to all clients, nationwide, this service is extended by Best Purging Systems Corporation as a complementary, value-added benefit. Feel free to gain the advantage of our expertise, by allowing us to help you determine any corrective action that may be required, regardless of your decision or commitment to purchase products or services from our company. Our primary assessment skills include the examination of purging and pressurization units, their associated protected enclosures and the equipment located within and penetrating through the surface of the protected enclosures. Often, we find that simple modifications to existing purging or pressurization units and protected enclosures that can bring an entire installation into complete code compliance. In other circumstances, due to our vast expertise, we uncover extremely dangerous conditions or defective equipment that has gone undetected for years!

Regardless of the circumstances, this service is complementary under many circumstances, and we offer an unbiased and objective opinion and often produce complementary detailed reports to document our findings. It’s our way of ensuring we all work in an efficient and safe environment for the sake of our friends and families!

Engineering Specification Development

Engineering Specification Development

Best Purging Systems Corporation is dedicated to working with you in every way you deem necessary to develop a complete, detailed specification. Give us a call, and we’ll help clarify details, tighten up loose ends and ensures your project specifications are complete in all respects.

Our areas of expertise include all aspects of design regarding purged and pressurized enclosures, in complete accordance with the National Electric Code (NFPA 70) and the Standard for Purged and Pressurized Enclosures for Electrical Equipment (NFPA 496). Do you have a question about purging or pressurization codes? Do you need help developing a bid package specification for a multiple enclosure purging application?

With thousands of hours in personal experience and hundreds of clients just like you, there’s not much we haven’t seen or done by now. We’ll collaborate with you regardless of your time frame for commitment, and ask only that we have an opportunity to bid your project if we have viable products that can satisfy your unique applications.