Model FFCF-A2

Flush Mount
Supply & Reference

Connection Fittings

Compatible with
Model 101A and 102 Units



3-5 Day Availability for
quantities of 1-5 Units.
Please contact us for
special discounts and
greater quantities.

Product Details

Model FFCF-A2 Bulkhead Connection Kit 

These fittings provide standard nut and ferule tubing connections to a protected enclosure for a purging or pressurization system’s supply and reference tubing. Model FFCF-A2 is intended for use with Best Purging Systems Models YZ101A and YZ102 purge and pressurization products. The Model FFCF-A2 consists of one 1/4” flush mount stainless steel bulkhead fitting for atmospheric reference and one 1/4” flush mount stainless steel bulkhead fitting for the supply connection to the protected enclosure.

For more information on these fittings and all accessories, please contact a Best Purging Systems Sales Associate
or click the technical bulletin tab above to view this kit’s detailed specifications.

Technical Information

Model BCK Tubing & Pipe Bulkhead Connection Kit Technical Bulletin

This two page full color technical bulletin provides all essential information to make an informed purchasing decision. Beginning with a description of each kit and graphic illustrations of the required protected enclosure connections each kit provides, this bulletin also includes a model number segment guide, a fitting size chart, and fitting kit material specifications.

Click either link below to review high or low resolution versions.  You may then print or save it and easily share this comprehensive technical bulletin with your colleagues!

High Resolution PDF      |      Low Resolution PDF

These documents will open in a separate window for your convenience.


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