Custom Metal Enclosures & Cabinets

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Bebco Industries manufactures the very finest quality custom metal enclosures in any size and shape to meet or exceed both NEMA & IEC Standards. Whether you need to house instrumentation, control systems, switchgear, computer equipment, analyzers or printers, Bebco can fabricate a custom metal enclosure or cabinet that will exceed your expectations, for indoor, outdoor, or hazardous areas.

Bebco can manufacture custom carbon steel enclosures, custom stainless steel enclosures, and custom aluminum enclosures, cabinets and consoles with any array of latching hardware, easily replaceable gaskets, and painted brushed or plated finishes to meet the high-end demands of the industrial marketplace.

When it comes to special features, Bebco knows no limits or bounds. Over the past 40 years and counting, we’ve manufactured thousands of custom metal enclosures and cabinets in every imaginable configuration with every imaginable feature, for every imaginable purpose. Within this Section of our Website, you’ll see dozens of examples, from the most simplistic conversion of an existing enclosure, to custom metal enclosures and cabinets featuring multiple compartments, environmental controls, hoods, insulated chambers and numerous equipment mounting provisions.

In one word, when it comes to custom metal enclosures, we can fabricate virtually “anything” you can conceive. We can also offer expert assistance at the “concept” stage, to ensure all elements of your custom metal enclosure will meet your performance expectations.

Best of all, when you chose Bebco for your custom metal enclosure applications, you’ll get competitive pricing, fast delivery and exceptional service from a company with over forty years of custom enclosure manufacturing experience.