Custom Metal Enclosures & Cabinets

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Understanding how we overcome the greatest weakness of any enclosure
gives you a distinct advantage!

Why should you be so concerned?

One of your primary reasons for purchasing an industrial enclosure is the need for durability.

While most enclosure accessories including hinges and latches could be easily replaced, they are far less likely to fail over time as opposed to your gasket – the most vulnerable element of any industrial enclosure.

Other manufacturers use permanent gasket.
Most enclosure manufacturers limit the choice of gasket to a form-in-place bead, hard neoprene strip or sponge foam strip gasket that’s applied to the doors of their enclosures.

Form-in-place door gasket can never be replaced if it is damaged or deteriorated and neoprene strips and foam are extremely difficult to replace.

Bebco uses replaceable gasket.
The two-fold advantages of this unique material are clear. First, it provides a superior seal with exceptional memory. Second, unlike all other manufacturers, Bebco applies our gasket to the flange of your enclosure as pictured below. This permits easy replacement, with minimal effort.

Bebco’s gasket is mounted to your enclosure’s flange and can be replaced easily at any time!