We make it easy to compare our units!

We understand  there are many competitors in this market.  We were the first manufacturer to offer stand-alone purging and pressurization units, but many companies followed in our footsteps.  That’s why we’ve taken extra time to give you a tool to find out which one of our products compares best to a unit you may prefer to replace.

If you don’t see the manufacturer or product you’d like to compare, click our chat button above or give us a call.

Rest assured we know our competition very well, and will be happy to discuss the values we offer compared to any one else, and beat any price they offer you!  After all, you deserve the BEST we have to offer! 


The following tool allows you to select Type Y & Z Purging & Pressurization Units as offered by other Manufacturers.

It then provides a result that indicates the most compatible product we offer.

We strive to ensure our information regarding their products is accurate, but encourage you to contact us for assistance if needed.


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Please use Chrome, Edge or Firefox browsers for proper appearance and results.