Standard Features

Best Purging Systems Purgeable Instrument Access Doors include a number of standard features which significantly enhance performance and ensure years of trouble-free service.

Compare these exceptional features to less sophisticated products to
understand the value of what you receive from Best Purging Systems Corporation!

Best Purging Systems provides a comprehensive explanation of all
standard features so you can easily
assess the amazing value of our
Purgeable Instrument Access Doors!

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Suspended Window Mounting System

Best Purging Systems Corporation recognizes that our client’s needs and preferences are stringent, so we provide our Purgeable Instrument Access Doors with a highly advanced system that permits fast and easy window replacement with no special tools or adhesives!

Best Purging Systems’ unique method of securing the PIAD window utilizes Trim-Lok™ Rubber Edge Trim and closed cell neoprene gasket placed between the Laminated or Wire Reinforced Safety Glass or Lexan™ Margard™ MR-10 window and the PIAD Door. The window is held in place with proprietary Santoprene™ clips and stainless steel hardware. This unique method of attachment secures the window in a suspended fashion, allowing damaged windows to be easily removed and replaced, without the need for special tools or sealant application!

Trim-Lok is a trademark of Trim-Lok, Incorporated
Santoprene is a trademark of the ExxonMobil Corporation
Lexan and Margard are trademarks of the Sabic Corporation
Removable Stainless Steel Hinges

Best Purging Systems Corporation provides precision manufactured stainless steel leaf hinges which can be detached from the frame to simplify frame installation and provide unfettered access to your panel mounted instruments during fabrication.

All Best Purging Systems PIADs incorporate removable stainless steel hinges to provide an extra degree of installation flexibility and easy service during it’s life-time of valuable service to you. The hinges are placed at centers not exceeding 12 inches to prevent door sagging and ensure proper door to frame alignment with each operation.

Precision Compression Latches

See our optional features section to learn more about these latches, and determine which options are best for you!

Best Purging Systems Corporation utilizes industrial rated vice action compression latches with hand, tool and key operators. 

Best Purging Systems Corporation offers Purgeable Instrument Access Door vice action compression latches in black powder coated die-cast zinc or electro-polished 316 stainless steel materials, to secure the door firmly to the mounting frame in the closed position.   All latches feature a NEMA 4 sealing gasket and are carefully adjusted and tested to ensure proper gasket compression and smooth operation.

Welded Door Latching Clips

Best Purging Systems ensures positive latching with welded latch clips that align precisely with the pawl of all latches. Best of all, they’re constructed from material that matches the frame and door, to ensure a totally corrosion-free latch system!

Our Door Latching Clips are formed in-house from 12 to 14 gauge material and precision formed from the same type and grade of material as specified for the door and frame.  They are then securely welded in place, as opposed to being bolt or screw attached.   As a result, these clips never loosen or move, they resist bending, and ensure the latch pawls engage smoothly and maintain a firm, tight grip!

Replaceable Door Gasket

Life-Time Guaranteed!

Best Purging Systems Corporation provides all Purgeable Instrument Access Doors with easily replaceable door gasket that provides an exceptional and durable seal!  

Best Purging Systems utilizes Trim-Lok™ Dual Durometer Trim-Seals to seal Purgeable Instrument Access Doors to the edge of the Mounting Frame. This co-extruded gasket is a combination of dense or rigid material with embedded metal retaining clips that forms the base for strength of the attachment system, with a soft or flexible material to form an open core tubular bulb to complete the sealing function. This replaceable, open core tubular door gasket is applied in one continuous length to provided the highest degree of integrity, which provides a continuous positive seal between the PIAD door and mounting frame. The gasket is UL recognized and satisfies all applicable NEMA 12, 4 and 4X requirements.

While this gasket is extremely durable and resists many chemicals, simply contact a Best Purging Systems Sales Associate for replacement gasket if you ever need it – We’ll furnish it free of charge!
Trim-Lok is a trademark of Trim-Lok, Incorporated