Pressurization Unit Redundant Regulators

NFPA 496 UL Listed Type Y & Z Pressurizing Units

Redundant Regulators

Best Purging Systems Corporation offers Model RR Redundant Regulators to satisfy NFPA 496 Section, which requires the pressure
of the protective gas supply to be limited to ensure your protected enclosure is never subjected to the forces of excessive pressure.

These redundant regulators are sized to match our Type Y and Z Enclosure Pressurization Units, are furnished with a pressure gauge,
can be rendered tamper-proof if desired, and are available with optional mounting brackets and tube fitting kits to simplify installation!

Best Purging Systems Corporation provides all necessary accessories to properly protect your enclosure!

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Models RR-4, RR-6 & RR-8

Redundant Protective Gas supply Regulators

Intended for use as redundant, tamper-proof regulators for Pressurization Unit Models 101A, 101B & 101C when the Units are installed without Model PV Spark Arresting Purge Vents.

Model RR-4, RR-6 & RR-8

Supply Pressure:

120 PSI max

RR-4 Connections:

1/4″ FPT

RR-6 Connections:

3/8″ FPT

RR-8 Connections:

1/2″ FPT


0-3 PSI

RR-4 Body:

Anodized Aluminum

RR-6 & RR-8 Bodies:

Painted Aluminum

Regulator Heads & Knobs:

Acetal Polymer Plastic

Regulator Seats:

Buna N Elastomer


Painted Steel Case, Plastic Lens
w/ Chrome Ring & Brass Tube

Operating Temperature:

40°F to 125°F

Optional Installation Kits

Mounting Bracket:

304 Stainless Steel

Bracket Fasteners:

316 & 18/10 Stainless Steel
w/ Neoprene Sealing Washers

Tube Fittings:

316 Stainless Steel

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